Agroforestry is a practice that we have implemented for a while on Beef Bros farm, and we are continuing to expand our use of the practice across our farm.

Agroforestry is the integration of trees with livestock on the land. It aims to achieve additional benefits as opposed to keeping trees and livestock separate. There are a wide variety of methods in which agroforestry can be implemented, from wide or thin rows, groves or traditional woodland planting. 

Some of the benefits include contributing to better animal welfare and productivity while also enhancing grass growth (as can be seen from the cover image of this blog). Implementing agroforestry also enhances biodiversity within the soil and improved soil health overall.

It was also very positive to read this morning that an Agritech research farm is undergoing an intense research project to investigate methods of producing a carbon neutral beef and lamb farm. One of the methods implemented is agroforestry, again highlighting the positive environmental impact such a practice can have.

Just another example of how Beef Bros are committed to implementing as many sustainable and environmentally friendly practices as possible on our farm!