Farmers hear how emissions cuts will happen.

Farmers hear how emissions cuts will happen.

Interesting article on Agriland linked below, where Teagasc director Prof. Frank O'Mara gave an overview of the climate obligations which have been placed on the agricultural industry at Monday's Teagasc Beef Conference 2021.

It's interesting to note that a lot of focus for agriculture over the next few years is on nitrogen, and reducing the total emissions which come from fertiliser. The government are taking a similar stance in this regard, which can be seen by the implementation of the national fertiliser register.

By 2030, agriculture has to target having emissions down to between 16 - 18 million tonnes of CO2. Some of the methods that O'Mara suggests are by improving the use of existing technologies, using feed additives to reduce methane emissions from cattle and perhaps slaughtering beef cattle at an earlier age.

While it may take some time to implement these policies, and it may take some additional planning on behalf of farmers, O'Mara is confident that if farmers can adapt, then it will be possible to achieve the ambitious climate change national targets without having to reduce the national herd. This will come as a relief to beef farmers all over the country no doubt.

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