Fertiliser prices impact farmers and consumers.

Fertiliser prices impact farmers and consumers.

While the sharp increase in fertiliser prices will undoubtedly impact the bottom line for many farmers, the consumer will also be severely impacted as food prices will almost certainly substantially increase as farmers and producers alike will look to recover a portion of their additional costs associated with the rising fertiliser prices.

The use of such fertilisers is prohibited under organic farming principles, so thankfully the increase in the cost of fertiliser will not affect the price of our product offerings.

The status quo for the past number of years has been that organically produced products have been significantly more expensive than their more 'conventionally' produced counterparts, leading many consumers to believe that organic produce are too expensive and perhaps even overpriced.

However, it is our belief that if one were to take into account the total cost of food produced, that is, the environmental cost, the health cost and the social cost, then organic produce would be the most cost effective. The issue is that conventionally produced food does not carry its' total cost. Perhaps the increase in the price of fertiliser is the first step in conventional food showcasing its' true cost.

Have a read of what Mairead McGuinness had to say on this point - https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/fertiliser-prices-impact-farmers-and-consumers-mcguinness/