Meet the Bros

Meet the Bros

Beef Bros is a small Irish business run by three brothers from Fenagh in County Leitrim. We came together with the idea of selling premium, organic Dexter and Irish Moiled beef directly from our family farm after many years of tasting our own beef at home, and we decided that it was too good not to share with the wider public! We have posted plenty of material about our organic farming approach, the breeds of cattle we keep and also our product offerings, so we thought why not give a little deeper insight into the men behind it all!


Jack, at 22 years of age, is the eldest of the three Beef Bros. He has just recently graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Global Business and is now working as a trainee Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor in Dublin. Like all three of the bro's, Jack has an avid interest in all sports, particularly rugby and GAA. He has represented Leitrim GAA at all levels and he was named vice captain of the Leitrim Senior football team for the 2020 / 2021 season. He now spends his time playing rugby with Old Belvedere RFC in Division 1B of the All Ireland League.

It's a busy lifestyle trying to juggle work, sport, study and Beef Bros so Jack isn't as hands on on the farm as the other two bros. However, he does always make time to try give a helping hand wherever possible, and plays a big role in the organisation and administration of Beef Bros, although perhaps Tom and James will disagree with this point. When it comes to some downtime, Jack enjoys the idea of having a quiet, relaxing night in, however usually he'll find himself in some form of a public house with a pint of Guinness in hand. His best intentions too often escape him unfortunately.


Tom, at 20 years of age, is the middle Beef Bro. He is currently in his third year studying biomedical science in NUIG. Similarly to Jack, sport plays a huge role in Tom's life. He represented the Leitrim under 20's side last summer as they were defeated by Roscommon in the Connacht Quarter Final, while he also played a key role in Fenagh St. Caillin's road to the knockout stages of the Leitrim club championship this year. In his rugby career, he has represented Buccaneers in the All Ireland League, and was named on the Leinster school's rugby team of the tournament in 2019.

Tom claims to take a 'hands on' approach for Beef Bros, although we're not sure if you can refer to making Tik Tok's from the tractor as he drives around the local roads as 'hands on'. When he's not procrastinating over college work or making Tik Tok's from the tractor, Tom can usually be found ordering his favourite drink combination of Smirnoff vodka and WKD at the local bar. It really is no wonder that he gets no work done around the farm on a Sunday.


The youngest Beef Bro, James is only 15 years of age and is currently a transition year student. He is following in both of his older brothers footsteps in that both rugby and GAA play a huge role in his life. He is a key member of numerous Fenagh and Leitrim underage development squads, while he also plays rugby with his school team. Never a dull moment in the sporting lives of the Beef Bro's.

James is the foundation of which the Beef Bro's farm is built upon, and he is aptly referred to as the workhorse by both Jack and Tom. It is a common sight to see James, dressed appropriately in his Snickers workwear, fencing fields, cleaning sheds or just doing any form of general manual labour around the place. Fortunately for Jack and Tom, and for the viability of Beef Bros, James hasn't quite gotten a taste for the alcoholic beverages just yet. Once that moment occurs, there is no question that weekend productivity on Beef Bros farm will plummet.

That is a short insight into the background of each of the three Beef Bro's. For anyone who didn't know the three of us, you now know that James is basically carrying the company, with Jack and Tom simply tagging along really. Onwards and upwards for the bros from here on hopefully.